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Why Living Abroad Is Something Everyone Should Consider #globalcitizen #seetheworld #broadenyourhorizons #expatlife

Some people prefer to live their adult lives in or near the town where they grew up...close to familiar faces and places. However, others yearn to live abroad and experience life -- including the best food, culture, and travel -- in another country. If you're thinking of becoming an expatriate and moving to a new country -- even temporarily -- there are many things to consider before making your decision. Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing four benefits that can come with living in a foreign country. This article may contain affiliate links.

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Many of us live life spent inside the same little bubble the entire time. Many people are perfectly happy to spend their lives living, working, and settling down in the same place. There’s definitely nothing wrong with this approach -- however, there are others who find this kind of life stifling. Staying in the same place can leave these people feeling trapped and miserable. That being said? Even people who choose to move around frequently may choose to stay within a pretty limited perspective of what they can get out of life. What if you left your home country...or even your home live and work abroad? Choosing to live abroad can be a scary prospect for a lot of people. For some people, however, living abroad can be the best decision they ever make. Here are a quartet of benefits that can be gained from living abroad:

It Lets You Learn About Yourself

We’ve all had moments where we heard someone talk about how they “found themselves” while travelling the world. These people have hit on something real and true. Many of us spend a great deal of our lives in the context of what’s familiar -- which means a great deal of our identities are placed on us from external sources. However, moving to somewhere on the other side of the world removes all of that external pressure. You're suddenly free to simply decide who you really want to be. Even if you eventually come back to live in you home country, you'll come back with a stronger, more defined sense of who you are.

It Expands Your Understanding of the World 

When people say travel broadens the mind, it might sound a bit clichè. This is partly true...but it definitely has a bit of truth! Many of us spend our lives inside a familiar little bubble. However, venturing out to see what the world has to offer can massively expand your understanding and appreciation of other cultures and customs. If you’re living somewhere new, you will become totally ingrained in that culture. You'll have an opportunity to see how people live differently in other places...and maybe gain a valuable, unique perspective on where you came from.

It Opens Up Career Opportunities

One of the hardest things in the modern world is finding the right career opportunities. One of the biggest barriers to this is being located in one area, where you're limited to a small geographical reason. By casting an international net over your job search, you open yourself up to many more opportunities that you would by only looking domestically. There are literally thousands of job opportunities in other countries that are perfect for you -- if you proactively seek them out. 

It Can Be Great for Your Finances 

Money is always an issue for just about anyone living in the modern world. There are few things more significant to your finances than the cost of a home. Whether you’re buying or renting, that’s where the majority of your paycheck is likely going. However, if you’re willing to look internationally, you may find homes at far more competitive prices. For just one example: a Mont Kiara house for rent in Kuala Lumpur is likely a better value than renting a home in the US. This means you can live somewhere new and exciting...possibly at a more affordable price than you might find domestically.

Of course, you might find -- after a few years -- that you’re ready to return home, where things are familiar. That’s totally okay! Just because an experience is temporary doesn’t mean it can’t have a permanent positive impact on your life. Being able to live your life somewhere totally new can give you a greater appreciation for many things in life you might have take for granted otherwise. Of course, you may fall in love with your new home country and decide you want to make a permanent life there!

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