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Bountiful Breakfast: Affordable, Delicious Morning Meals the Entire Family Will Love #breakfast #familyfriendlyfood #startthedayright

We've all heard the saying that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." However, busy mornings and serving something everyone in your family will enjoy can make the morning meal a frustrating prospect. Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing flexible, easy breakfast ideas -- cold and hot...sweet and savory -- that the entire family will enjoy. This article may contain affiliate links.

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Breakfast time can be a bit of an ordeal for many families. No matter how hard you work, it may feel impossible to please every member of your family. Everyone has different tastes -- with children and adults often having a very different idea of what makes a delicious breakfast. Of course, you can’t spend hours in the kitchen to every morning cooking everyone something different. Instead, you need to find breakfast options that everyone likes. To help you with this, this article will explore some of the best breakfast options for families who struggle to decide what they enjoy eating.

Cold Breakfasts (Sweet)

Cold breakfasts are great because they give you an opportunity to make breakfast without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. There are tons of excellent options available in this category -- although most of them are sweet. The breakfast options below have been picked because they offer flexibility, ease, and great flavor -- all without having to spend a lot of time or money on breakfast. This option will be a lot easier to implement if you’re able to get your hands on some inexpensive fresh fruit.

  • Yogurt: Made from either milk or a non-dairy substitute, yogurt provides a great option for those who want a cold breakfast. Mixed with some fruit, cinnamon, or simply eaten plain, yogurt will appeal to most children while also being healthy. It’s worth looking for natural yogurts, which contain few preservatives.

  • Fruit Salad: Most people have enough time to chop or slice some fruit each morning, making fruit salad an excellent option for most households. You can add some cream or yogurt your custom fruit salad to make it more exciting...although most children will be happy with a morning bowl of fruit. Fruit is always a good option when you want a breakfast that's healthy, inexpensive, and simple.

  • Granola: Granola is a breakfast classic, with a many people choosing this option for their cold breakfasts. Much like yogurt, simply adding some fruit to your granola can make it taste much more exciting. Muesli also falls into this category, and you might consider looking at other cereal options -- including chilled overnight oats -- to ensure your family has plenty of options.

  • Bread: A soft roll spread with butter and jam provides plenty of instant energy to get your family started for the day. This sort of breakfast might be simple, but it's quick and easy to make on super busy mornings -- and it gives busy mothers time to get ready for the day. There are many different types of bread to choose from, which will help prevent boredom.

  • Pastries: Pastries have been a popular breakfast option in Europe for a long time -- so why not try this option in your home too? Croissants and pain au chocolat are two great examples of breakfast pastries. They provide an extremely easy breakfast that doesn't require cooking or dishes to clean -- and they're a great grab-and-go option. No matter where you live, you're sure to find regional pastries to try.

Cold Breakfasts (Savory)

While there are fewer options in this category, savory cold breakfasts share many benefits with cold sweet breakfasts. It's often easier to make a breakfast like this healthier, with less added sugar necessary to make it taste good. Of course, that means some children are less likely to enjoy a savory cold breakfast. Thankfully, these options can often be prepared sweet or savory.

  • Bread: Much like sweet breakfasts, bread can also be used to make savory morning meals. Deli meat and/or cheese on a buttered roll can be an ideal breakfast for many families. Let your creativity flow! You can add whatever you like to your breakfast sandwich by choosing interesting bread/rolls and unique fillings.

  • Salads/Wraps: While the idea of a morning salad might sound incongruous, imagine eating a variety of chopped fresh vegetables, your favorite dressing, and some smoked salmon. Sounds good, right? Breakfasts like this have been gaining popularity in recent years, with many coffee shops and restaurants offering salads in the form of grab-and-go wraps. Think outside the box...and create a salad or wrap for you family's next breakfast.

Hot Breakfasts (Sweet)

Humans have been cooking for a very long time, and breakfast has been most popular served hot. Making a hot breakfast for your family on a regular basis can easily become part of your morning routine, but you need to spend time finding and developing recipes that can be made quickly. You can find some great sweet breakfast options below that are great starting points.

  • Toast: Simple but classic, you can’t go wrong with a good slice of toast. Served with jam, honey, or other sweet toppings, your family will truly enjoy a couple of slices of toast each morning. Bread isn’t overly nutritious on its own, so think carefully about the spreads and toppings you use to top it.

  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal is another great option for those who want a hot breakfast with great nutrition and minimal prep time. Hot cereals are packed with health benefits -- from providing fiber to ensuring you consume plenty of whole grains. They can be topped with fruit for a healthy boost...and added flavor. But what is hot cereal? Take a look around the Internet to find out more about this convenient breakfast option.

  • Pancakes/Waffles: Pancakes and waffles have long been a breakfast staple in many parts of the world. Easy to make and extremely adaptable, pancakes and waffles can be made without complicated kitchen tools. A little bit of maple syrup -- or maybe some chopped fruit -- are perfect accompaniments for pancakes or waffles at breakfast time.

Hot Breakfasts (Savory)

Alongside sweet options, there are countless savory breakfast meals that can be cooked. Like the other sections, you'll only find ideas below that are quick, easy, and delicious. It’s always worth remembering that normal meals can make a perfectly good breakfast. Dinner leftovers give you a great option when you don’t feel like morning cooking -- simply reheat and enjoy!

  • Toast: Toast is an excellent option for savory breakfasts. Sliced or mashed avocado, grilled chicken, and even spreads like marmite (an English spread made from yeast extract, vegetable extract, and seasonings) make an excellent breakfast for your family. Making a large batch of toast is extremely easy when you have a large-capacity toaster at your disposal...and you can put practically whatever savory toppings you want on each slice.

  • English Breakfast: English breakfasts typically contain eggs, sausages and bacon, tomatoes, toast, hash browns, and baked beans. This may not be the healthiest meal to indulge in every day...but it's definitely fun to indulge in a big breakfast occasionally! Your family will really enjoy trying out a traditional British breakfast for a relaxing weekend brunch...or a fun birthday breakfast.

  • Oatmeal: While oatmeal traditionally falls into the sweet category, it can also fall into the savory one. In some parts of the world, sweet oatmeal is almost unheard of. Salt, stock, and a variety of other savory ingredients can be used to flavor and top oatmeal.

With all of this information in mind, you should feel ready to make morning breakfasts appeal to the whole family. It’s never easy to make everyone happy, but many of the options this article has shared can be adapted/changed for each member of your family without too much trouble. Mastering mealtimes is always about looking for smart ways to serve food that everyone will enjoy.

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