Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Four Reasons You Should Look Into Attending a Cooking Class #cookingclass #cookingskills #inthekitchen

Cooking classes are a fun and informative way to learn new cooking techniques and types of cuisines. I've taken several hands-on cooking classes, and I still use many of the techniques that I've learned. Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing four reasons everyone should consider attending a cooking class! Due to current COVID social distancing requirements, you can seek out cooking classes that are taught remotely and safely attended from home. This article may contain affiliate links.

Do you constantly find yourself cooking the same dishes...has all the joy been sucked out of cooking for you...or do you dread thinking of something to cook in the evenings? Perhaps it’s time you consider attending a cooking class. Whether you're a cooking novice looking to learn some new skills for your home kitchen, a budding chef, or are simply looking for a new hobby? A cooking class is just the thing! Classes range in length, lasting from a few hours to a full day...or even a full week...depending on the specific class you choose. The goal is that when you complete the class, you're able to prepare, present, and appreciate food and flavors. When signing up for a cooking class, you can opt for something general -- or choose a class that focuses on a specific, dish, skill, or cuisine.

Do your research beforehand to determine the best cooking class for you...and how near the class location is to where you live. If you take a cooking class with a friend, you can even catch a lift together. If you're elderly and worried about the commute, you should definitely look into available senior transportation. Whichever way you decide to get to your class location, be sure you leave with plenty of time, so you don’t miss a minute of your class. Here are four compelling reasons you should look into attending a cooking class.

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(1) Learn New Cooking Skills 

Ever wanted to know how to successfully flambè, sauteè, or poach? When you attend a cooking class, you'll learn plenty of new kitchen skills. If you're a newbie, your class will teach you all the kitchen basics you need to know. If you're a more experienced cook, you may find yourself picking up more complex techniques you didn’t already know how to master. If there's something specific you want to know, be sure to ask your class instructor -- they should be able to teach you.

(2) Meet New People

A cooking class is a great way to meet new, like-minded people. During class, there are plenty of built-in ways to make conversation -- whether it’s comparing your creations or sharing ideas. You might decide to invite a few of your new foodie friends over for a socially distanced dinner...where you can show off your new-found chef skills!

(3) Host a Small Dinner Party

If you're looking to host a fabulous intimate, socially distanced -- or outdoor al fresco -- dinner party, you'll need cooking skills to cook your guests something delicious. Some cooking classes specialize in dinner party food...including canapes and cocktails...allowing you to become an ideal host! 

(4) Find Food Inspiration

When you have to cook dinner every day, it can soon become boring and difficult to come up with new entreè ideas. By going to a cooking class, you're sure to become inspired -- finding a whole host of new recipes to add to your repertoire. Once you become more confident in the kitchen, you can also adapt recipes to cook a personalized creation to enjoy.

These are just a few of the reasons you should attend a cooking class! Because of COVID-19, many cooking classes are attended remotely from home; attendees watch the class from a remote kitchen and cook along in their home kitchen. After completing your class, you'll be able to enjoy a delicious plate of freshly cooked food. You'll also feel grateful and inspired that you created this delicious yourself using new-found cooking skills. 

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