Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Four Signs of Hearing Loss #Healthy2020 #hearingloss #knowthesigns

Hearing loss is something that anyone of any age can experience. After years of denying my hearing loss, I saw an audiologist late last year and was fitted for hearing aids. They have made such a huge difference in my quality of life. As part of my ongoing #Healthy2020 series, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing a quartet of signs that may indicate you -- or someone you love -- is experiencing hearing loss. This article may contain affiliate events.

No one wants to lose their hearing, but it’s something that can happen to any of us. It all depends on the health of your ears, coupled with the things we do in our daily lives that can negatively impact our hearing. That being said, there are definitely signs that can indicate that you are experiencing some form of hearing loss. Here are four hallmark signs of hearing loss to look out for -- for you or for a loved one.

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(1) Asking Someone to Repeat What They Said

If you find yourself feeling a little lost in conversations when people are speaking, that could be due to hearing loss. Do you find yourself...or someone you know...asking others to repeat what they have said? Ask yourself truthfully if you ask others to repeat themselves in more than isolated occasions, or often in scenarios where it’s reasonably quiet -- not like a concert or live event. Having to ask someone to repeat what they said can often feel like you’re being rude, but it’s nothing for you to feel ashamed of -- especially if you want to get involved with the conversation. However, it can be difficult when you can’t hear what the other person is saying. If you recognize family and friends often asking someone to repeat themselves during conversations, it’s worth telling them they might have a hearing problem. Keep in mind that it’s important to do this as politely and tactfully as possible.

(2) Having to Turn Up the Volume On Your TV

Another sign of hearing problems is how loud you typically have your TV on. If you find that you’re asking others to turn the television or music louder, you might be doing more damage to your hearing than good. If others are able to listen to TV or music at a lower level, then chances are you’re going to need to have your hearing tested. Volume levels are always a good indicator of how good your hearing is -- and most entertainment systems provide recommended volume limits. It’s important to try your best to not exceed these recommended limits when it comes to your hearing.

(3) Lack of Background Noise

Background noise tends to be one of the first sounds that people with hearing loss struggle to hear. This is because our ears tend to zone in on sounds that are in close proximity to us. When you disorient from that sound and focus on something around you, you’ll then start to hear it. If you can’t hear background noises very well, that doesn’t bode well when the doorbell goes out...or when someone is shouting towards you from across the road.

(4) Pain In the Ear

There can be problems with your hearing if you have pain within the ear -- or annoyance in terms of unusual sounds or ringing. This can often be caused by tinnitus, but ear infections can also be a common sign of problems with your hearing. Bottom line: make sure you seek help as soon as you experience any ear pain.

These four signs of hearing loss should never be ignored, so be sure to seek immediate help for any hearing issues as soon as you notice them.

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