Sunday, October 11, 2020

Do You Need a Hearing Test? #Healthy2020 #betterhearing #hearingloss #hearingtests

Hearing loss affects many people...including me! After years of denial and delay, I began wearing hearing aids last November. It's made a HUGE positive difference in nearly every aspect of my life! Do YOU need a hearing test? As part of my ongoing #Healthy2020 series, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing key signs that indicate you need to consider having your hearing tested. The article may contain affiliate links.

Most of us have experienced an earache or ringing in the ears (aka tinnitus) at some point in our lives. However, few of us have taken time to have these symptoms checked out. We often ignore these symptoms, hoping they'll go away on their own. In truth, most earaches are the result of a cold, viral infection or waxy build-up. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get checked out, especially if you have no other symptoms. If you notice changes to your vision, you’d likely see a specialist...and your hearing should be no different. Here are some key indicators that you need to get a hearing test. Image - CC0 Licence


As mentioned above, earaches can be a symptom of a cold or virus. However, if you have no other symptoms, an earache can indicate there's something wrong with your ears/hearing. A hearing test can quickly rule out any major problems. 

Hearing Changes

Hearing changes aren’t always serious. After we’ve been exposed to a loud sound -- such as music at a concert, or a loud bang -- our hearing is typically affected for a few days. You might also find your hearing is different after you’ve been on a plane, because your ear has been affected by the cabin pressure. In these cases, your hearing will often return to normal within a few days. If it doesn’t, you should see an audiologist to determine an underlying cause...or more serious damage. If you experience hearing changes with no obvious cause, you should definitely see an audiologist for a checkup.

Missing Bits of Conversation

Sometimes, hearing loss is very gradual to the point that we don’t even notice it happening. However, your behavior might change because of hearing loss. Often the first signs of hearing loss are other people commenting on how loud your TV or radio is playing. You may find that you miss bits of conversation, or you might become overwhelmed when you're in a crowd with many different people speaking. 


Hearing loss, or changes to your hearing, mean your brain has to work harder than usual. You might not realize that you're struggling, but the compensations your mind is making can be exhausting. If you find you are exhausted -- especially if you’ve had to listen a significant amount of time -- you may need a hearing test. 

Hearing Sounds No One Else Can Hear

Sometimes the signs of hearing loss aren’t not being able to hear or hearing less...but hearing more. For example: hearing a ringing in your ears -- or other sounds no one else does -- may indicate you have tinnitus. 

Balance Problems

In addition to controlling hearing, our ears also control balance. If you find you have trouble standing still, trip a lot, or veer to one side when you walk? You may have an inner ear infection that is affecting your balance. A hearing test can definitely detect this. 

Most changes to your hearing are easily treated...and even severe hearing loss can be reduced and successfully managed. If you're concerned about any element of your hearing, don’t just live with it! Make an appointment with an audiologist and have a hearing test. Doing so can have a profound affect on your daily life!

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