Monday, October 12, 2020

Tips to Help With an Ear Infection #Healthy2020 #earinfectiontreatment #earhealth #staywell

Ear infections are a common ailment. That said, they can be very painful to deal with while you seek medial attention and wait for prescribed treatments/medications to take effect! As part of my ongoing #Healthy2020 series, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing some helpful tips to deal with ear infections...and proactively prevent future infections. This article may contain affiliate links.

An ear infection is definitely not something you want to experience too often in your life, because it can be very painful to deal with. Everyone can experience an ear infection or two during their life, so here are some tips to help deal with them.

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Seek Professional Medical Guidance

If you're sick, it’s always best to seek professional guidance from someone who can provide appropriate professional guidance and advice. It’s good to see your primary physician or audiologist -- depending on who refers you to who. These professionals can give you the best diagnosis of what your ear infection is and what’s causing it. After determining a specific diagnosis, they’ll recommend the best course of action to fight off the infection and get rid of it as quickly as possible. There’s plenty of information you can learn more about online when it comes to ear infections -- as well as options you may be given to help heal it.

Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is definitely essential -- that's especially true when you're ill due to an ear infection. Like any sickness or illness, it’s important to let your body fight off the infection naturally when you can -- which includes getting plenty of sleep and relaxation. If you have plans for the week or two after your ear infection, cancel them. It’s imperative to rest, which helps ensure you’re giving your body a full opportunity to repair itself. The more rest you can get, the better you’re going to feel...and the quicker you’ll get better too.

Manage Stress

Stress can have a negative impact on your body in many ways -- including ear infections. If your stress levels exceed normal levels, you may flare up the ear infection and cause yourself even more ear pain. Look at where the stresses in your life are coming from, and take control where you can. You can take steps to cut and/or control some of your stress in life, while other stressors are going to exist regardless of actions you take.

Take Painkillers if Necessary

Painkillers are good for relieving pain, but should only be taken in situations where your ear pain is too much to bear. It can become very easy to rely on painkillers. However, if they’re necessary to reduce inflammation or severe pain, then follow the label instructions and take them when necessary. Your doctor might prescribe medication to treat your ear infection, so be sure to check with your doctor before taking any additional medication(s) -- including pain medication.

Fighting off an ear infection is never fun. To avoid ear infections from recurring in the future, be sure to take good car of your ears! For starters, keep them dry and clear. However, you should also be wary of loud environments and exposing your ears to noises that could impair your hearing.

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