Monday, November 30, 2020

Small Steps: Staying Healthy and Starting a Family #Heallthy2020 #stayinghealthy

Making the decision to start a family -- while exciting -- can also be a bit daunting. That's partly because there are so many variables to consider. Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing another informative #Healthy2020 feature. She's sharing small steps a couple can be take to ensure  they're physically and emotionally ready to take on this important step. This article may contain affiliate links.

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There’s no doubt about it: starting a family is one of the scariest decisions you’ll ever make. Exciting? Yes! Terrifying? Definitely! One of the most important things to remember is to take things at your own pace. When thinking about starting a family, there are many concerns that naturally come to mind: Can we afford this? Is it the right time? What if we struggle to get pregnant? 

It’s natural to get caught up in a hypothetical timeline, worrying about getting things done by a specific time or age. However, the reality is that starting a family is a personal journey that’s different for everyone. Take it one step at a time, and consider making a list of your main concerns. Then? Work through these concerns one at a time...and it will gradually become less and less overwhelming. That said, there are a few small steps you can take that -- while small -- will bring you closer to achieving your dream of having your own family.

Communicate With Your Partner

Once you've made the decision to start a family together, make sure you continue talking about it. Share any concerns, and remember that every new parent goes through the process of feeling overwhelmed. In addition to discussing your worries, also talk about what you’re most excited about! What clothes and toys you might buy, what color to paint the walls in your baby's nursery, etc. Sharing these visions will provide relief from the stressful side of things...and keep you in a positive state of mind.

Having a healthy relationship with your partner is essential for any new parents, because it will set up a strong dynamic for your baby-to-be. However, it's important to understand that things may not always be easy breezy. It’s completely normal to experience strains in your relationship at this time, but keeping an open line of communication will help work through these issues together.

Put Your Health First

Staying in good health will also keep your mind strong and healthy! The link between physical health and mental health is well-documented, but it's perhaps even more critical when taking steps to start a family. Taking time for yourself to focus on your physical fitness and wellbeing will put you in the best possible position for trying to get pregnant. One of the next simple steps you can take before starting a family is taking fertility tests. Even if you don’t suspect any issues, it will give you peace of mind OR allow you to begin exploring different treatment options.

Infertility affects around 10% of women and 7% of men, making it a prevalent issue. Fortunately, due to its widespread nature, there are many fertility treatments available -- one of the perks of living in the age of modern technology! Visiting an Advanced Fertility clinic to receive in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is a popular choice for couples struggling with fertility issues because of its high success rate. This type of advanced fertility treatment is personalized to each patient/couple, depending on the fertility issue present. 

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