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Three Ways to Find New Recipes In 2021 #recipes #newfood2021 #upyourcookinggame

In 2020, many people used the extra time spent at home during COVID social distancing to improve their cooking and baking skills -- homemade breadmaking even caused a shortage of yeast on many grocery shelves! The end result was that many people are entering 2021 with a newfound love of cooking! These people may wonder where to find new, proven recipes to try. In addition to the recipes found here at The Weekend Gourmet, today's feature shares a trio of go-to sources for finding new recipes to whip up in your home kitchen. This feature may contain affiliate links.


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Face it...thanks to COVID-19 quarantine requirements, 2020 was essentially a stay-at-home year. Although it's now a new year, the stay-at-home rule seems to be continuing into 2021. If you took up cooking as a hobby during the 2020 COVID lockdown, you may be hoping to continue developing your skills and trying new recipes in 2021...and beyond! Even if your routine is starting to return to normal, you can keep enhancing your cooking skills...and maintain your awesome cooking sessions at home! Some people become stuck in a cycle of making the same dishes over and over. Demanding career and family routines can get in the way of experimenting with new foods and recipes, so you begin to repeat the same five-meal cycle over and over again. If you feel stuck in this rut, here are three greats ways to find delicious new recipes in 2021!

(1) Utilize Instagram

Instagram is definitely one of the best sources for finding new recipes. Many chefs and food channels post recipes to Instagram in both video and text form, making it easy for any level of cook to follow along. You can scroll through your Instagram with the tag #recipe and find dozens of delicious, easy recipes to make throughout 2021. These recipes will range between in difficulty between easy and hard, different types of cuisine, and dietary requirements. Two great Instagram accounts to follow are @deliciouslyella and @mobkitchen -- for veggie and vegan recipes in particular!

(2) Discover Local Food Bloggers 

If you want your recipes to come from a specific cuisine or locale, why not get specific? You can find food bloggers local to your area -- or ANY area -- or specific to any cuisine you enjoy. You can access these blogs via a search engine; you can also use social media to find bloggers who inspire you to cook more and try new recipes! Not only will local food bloggers like Barrio Queen create gorgeous recipes for you to try, they might also review local restaurants for you to visit and find even more cooking inspiration! Food bloggers -- including myself --are typically regular people with a passion for cooking, just like you! This means they provide accessible, simple recipes for you to follow when cooking for the whole family. Finally, food bloggers often provide recipes with varying preparation times, meaning you can pick ones that best fit with your schedule!

(3) Ask Friends and Family

There’s nothing like a family recipe that's been passed down through generations to really warm your heart...and your belly! Even if you don’t come from a particularly culinary family, there are bound to be a few recipes that have been passed down so you can learn. If you have children, teaching them cherished family dishes is a great way to keep family traditions alive in the next generation. For example: in my family, we make my maternal great grandmother's signature yeast rolls for our holiday meals. This is a great way to honor tradition, while discovering something new to cook that you may have enjoyed eating as a child! Finally, you can ask friends who love to cook if they have any recommended recipes. There are so many places to source for new cooking inspiration...if you only look hard enough!

Overall, cooking is a fabulous hobby that can nourish your body...and your soul. So, make sure to keep up your cooking skills in 2021 -- and beyond! Doing so will yield great rewards as you feed yourself and your family delicious new recipes.

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