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Four Diets You Might Want to Consider #Healthy2021 #weightloss #whichdietisbest #healthyweight

How are your 2021 health resolutions going so far? If yours need a little fine as we head toward March, today's #Healthy2021 feature is just what you need! I've got some great dietary options for your to consider. The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing four eating plans for you to learn more about. Perhaps one will be a perfect fit for your lifestyle and dietary preferences. This article may contain affiliate links.

NOTE: This feature is not meant to pr0vide professional health or medical advice. Please reach out to your personal physician to ask ANY questions you have prior to implementing any of these eating plans.

Are you thinking about making changes to lifestyle to achieve a healthier you? If so, you might want to consider a new diet. There are many different diets worth exploring. Here are a few possibilities you can get started with today. 

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Vegan Diet

You might want to consider embracing the vegan diet. Vegans do not consume any animal products -- including dairy and eggs. Research suggests that going vegan can have tremendous benefits. Some believe that eating a plant-based diet can be the secret to ensuring you look and feel younger for a the long term. However, you do need to approach the vegan lifestyle the right way. For instance, you need to make sure you're eating the right foods. You should definitely explore brands like No Evil Foods. Companies like this are entirely based on ensuring consumers can easily access plant-based produced in a way that's sustainable and does not impact the environment. 

Removing Processed Sugars

You night also think about removing all processed sugars and sweeteners from your diet. This is actually more difficult than it sounds, because sugar is found in most of the foods you eat -- even beyond typical desserts and sweet treats. For example, sugar is regularly added to foods like canned tomatoes to ensure they taste sweeter. The good news is that once you eliminate sugar from your diet, you’ll find that food tastes completely different. That’s because you’ll start noticing the natural sugars found in everything from carrots to fruit. Some people claim that taking this step also improves your mood, which makes a lot of sense. Various studies have suggested that processed sugars negatively impact our moods over extended periods. 

Removing Gluten

Is gluten actually bad for you? The jury is actually still out on this question. Many researchers aren’t fully convinced that the benefits people claim they gain from eliminating gluten isn’t something similar to a placebo effect. In other words, they see benefits because they expect to see benefits. That said, if you suffer from medical issues like Celiac or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), then eliminating gluten could definitely be worth exploring. Doing so may help guarantee you're able to process your food more easily. This is another way people explore losing weight more rapidly with better results.   


Finally, you might want to consider trying the Paleo diet -- also known as "the caveman diet." Some people swear by this way of eating as one of the best ways to lose weight. Paleo is essentially focused on getting back to the foods man consumed before we evolved. Paleo-friendly foods include meat and fish, eggs, seeds and nuts, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats. Paleo eliminates processed foods, grains, and sugar. Some people -- including scientific researchers -- believe Paleo is the healthiest diet for our bodies. This is a modern take, but it seems to have certain benefits. For instance, Paleo might be great for you if you’re looking for ways to tone your body, or if you want an easy way to plan your meals each day. 

Could any of the four diets discussed above benefit your lifestyle and health? If you try one of these options yourself, you might be absolutely amazed by the changes it brings to your life and overall health. 

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