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Traditional Easter Foods Around the World #EasterFood #globalcuisine #themoreyouknow

Easter is coming up in a few short weeks! Why not add some international flare to your Easter menu this year? Traditional dishes from around the globe are a fun and delicious way to shake up your traditional Easter meal! Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing a sampling of traditional international Easter foods. This article may contain affiliate links.

With Easter a few weeks away, it's time to start planning your Easter meal. Why not make this year's approach a little different? After all, we all need something fun to look forward to these days. Even is you typically enjoy cooking a feast of fancy Easter foods, maybe this is a good year to try something a little different. You’ll want to include traditional family favorite dishes -- perhaps a wonderful roasted lamb dish...but what you can add to accompany this succulent meat? Read on to find out more about traditional Easter dishes from around the might find just the dish to round out your Easter menu!

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(1) Polish Stuffed Eggs – Jajka Faszerowany 

Eggs are very much an Easter food, although we typically enjoy them in chocolate form! In Poland, Easter eggs come in a different way. Similar to deviled eggs, they're stuffed with a mixture of ham, cheese, mustard, and sour cream. Before the contents are added, the eggs are broiled. Then, to finish things off, a breadcrumb topping is added. These stuffed eggs can be eaten as a snack -- or as part of a buffet-style lunch. You could even enjoy them paired with a succulent joint of lamb from Superior Farms. That's because these delicious stuffed eggs are so versatile. 

(2) Italian Brodetto Pasquale

We already know that lamb and eggs can be two important elements of any Easter feast...and the Italian dish brodetto pasquale deliciously brings them together. This dish is like a frittata, and also typically includes asparagus to symbolize the freshness of Spring. It’s an ideal dish for Easter, when you’re preparing a large meal -- because it can be served cold or at room temperature. This versatility ensures it can easily be made in advance, helping you save precious time

(3) Lithuanian Potato Sausage – Vedarai 

One of the Easter traditions many Lithuanian families follow is to attend church on Easter morning, then come home to enjoy a special Easter breakfast. They share an egg, along with other ingredients found in a special food basket that was blessed at church. Later in the day, they will eat a larger meal to celebrate. This meal will often include vedarai, which is potatoes with bacon that's made into a sausage shape (although it can be made meatless). The vedarai can be served fried, roasted, or baked -- according to preference. 

(4) Greek Kalitsounia

Greece is comprised of the mainland and 6,000 smaller islands (although only 227 of those islands are inhabited). As might be expected, there's a variety of dishes and traditions specific to individual islands. However, one Easter dish that's popular all over Greece is kalitsounia, which began life --according to tradition -- on the island of Crete. Kalitsouna is a sweet pastry made with yogurt and brandy. The dough is rolled out and cut into squares, filled with a mixture of soft mizithra cheese, orange peel, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. The dough is then folded to make a pocket. The pastries are then baked or deep fried.

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