Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Celebrating a McDonald's Classic...the Iconic Baked Apple Pie #mcdonalds #applepie #since1968

The ICONIC McDonald's Baked Apple Pie...a customer 
favorite since 1968!

If you're like me? You visit your local McDonald's to enjoy your favorite menu items you likely grew up enjoying...and have oved for decades. That definitely includes their delicious warm Baked Apple Pie, which has been making McDonald's customers smile with delight since 1968. This convenient handheld pie combines classic apple pie flavor with a homemade taste and aroma. In honor of this month's National Apple Pie Day, it's the perfect time to shine the spotlight on this iconic sweet treat! 

Sugar-topped lattice crust and
warm apple filling

The McDonald's Baked Apple Pie is a five-decade customer favorite made with 100% American-grown apples. The filling is wrapped in a tender, flakey lattice-topped crust...as a crowning touch, they're topped with a sprinkle of sugar before going into the oven. McDonald's Baked Apple Pies contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives...and each location bakes them fresh daily so they're served warm. These signature Warm Apple Pies are McDonald's best-selling dessert item that's purchased with a beverage...and 25% of the pies are purchased before 10:00 am for a sweet on-the-go breakfast.

Although a freshly baked McDonald's Baked Apple Pie is totally delicious on its own? I have a special insider pairing suggestion to make it taste extra amazing! Simply pair a warm, freshly baked apple pie with a McDonald's Hot Caramel Sundae for an over-the-top twist on classic Apple Pie a la Mode. Imagine a combination of warm apples, sweet flaky crust, creamy vanilla soft serve, and gooey warm caramel. Mind blown...talk about a seriously swoon worthy dessert or afternoon pick-me-up! 

Disclosure: This is a compensated post for McDonald's. All opinions expressed in this feature are solely my own.

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