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Unreal Deli Vegan Deli Meats Available at H-E-B Locations in Texas...Featuring Vegan Turk'y Wrap With Avocado-Garlic Aioli #veganmeat #plantbased #Healthy2021 #healthyanddeliciuos

What if I told you that you could enjoy delicious plant-based vegan deli meat?!?!? Thanks to Unreal Deli, this is a delicious reality! You may have seen Unreal Deli on Shark Tank, where Mark Cuban signed on to partner with the company. Unreal Deli is 
quickly becoming the leading provider of plant-based deli meat across country. Their products are now available at 140 H-E-B locations here in Texas! Unreal Deli started in founder Mrs. Goldfarb's home kitchen. She's got true deli credentials thanks to her family's more than a century in the traditional meat-based deli business. Many people have misconceived notions about plant-based meats...but they're becoming increasingly popular as people seek to eat healthier and live a cruelty-free life. However...taste and texture are also important!

I'm happy to report that Unreal Deli plant-based meats have a meaty texture...and they taste great! I used their Turk'y to create my healthy and tasty Vegan Turk'y Wrap with Avocado-Garlic Aioli. It features Unreal Deli's flavorful Turk'y and vegan provolone cheese, a creamy vegan avocado-garlic spread, and plenty of in season Summer veggies. Everything is wrapped up in a high-fiber, low-carb Lavash flatbread. The wrap is served chilled, making it a perfect lunch for hot Summer days. However, the true test was how my meat-loving Texan Dad would react when I served this wrap to him for lunch this week. More on the results of his taste test after I share the recipe. 

Vegan Turk'y Wrap With 
Avocado-Garlic Aioli
a Weekend Gourmet Original
Ingredients (makes one wrap):
  • 1 Lavash wrap, cut in half vertically
  • 4 slices Unreal Deli Turk'y
  • 1 slice vegan provolone cheese, cut in half
  • Organic baby spinach, stems removed
  • Organic tomato, thinly sliced
  • Organic cucumber, thinly sliced
For the avocado-garlic aioli:
  • 1 TBS vegan mayonnaise
  • 2 TBS mashed avocado
  • 1 clove garlic, grated with a microplane
Step 1: Make the aioli. Add the vegan mayonnaise, avocado, and garlic to a small bowl. Stir until completely combined into a smooth sauce.
Step 2: Spread the aioli evenly on one of the Lavash halves. Top with four slices of Unreal Deli Turk'y, slightly overlapping to fit on the Lavash. Add the two provolone halves on the top half of the wrap. Finally, layer the baby spinach, cucumber, and tomato. 
Step 3: Make sure the sandwich is positioned vertical before you roll it up. Carefully roll up the sandwich from the top down toward you, tucking the ingredients in tightly as you go. To serve, carefully cut the wrap in half with a sharp serrated knife.

NOTE: My wrap began to crack and break as I rolled it. In case that happens to you, here's how I solved the problem. I wrapped the remaining half of the Lavash around my sandwich to conceal the breaks and give it a perfect exterior.
This 100% plant-based vegan wrap is SO GOOD! The vegan Turk'y and cheese was a nearly identical match -- both flavor and texture -- for its animal-based counterpart. The chilled veggies were refreshing on a hot Summer day...and the creamy, robust aioli brought everything together very nicely. But? The real proof is in my Dad's reaction! 
He knew the sandwich was made with plant-based meat, but he was game to try it because it looked like a familiar, traditional wrap sandwich. His first bite was a little tentative, because he wasn't sure what to expect. He quickly took a second bite...then ate his entire half...and proclaimed it delicious! When a lifelong meat lover says that a plant-based alternative is delicious? That's a game changer! 

In addition to Turk'y, Unreal Deli also currently offers Corn'd Beef deli meat. If you're not in Texas to shop at H-E-B, Unreal Deli products can be found at several retailers nationwide. To find their products at a store near you, check out their handy Where to Find function. No retail locations near you? No problem! Unreal Deli also offers convenient online ordering.

Disclosure: Unreal Deli provided me with product samples to facilitate recipe development for this feature. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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