Monday, April 4, 2022

Flashback Tutorial: Creating a Festive...and Tasty...Easter Basket Sweets Centerpiece #tutorial #eastercraft #easterfun #eatersweets

Easter is coming up in less than 2 weeks...can you believe how quickly this year is hopping along?!? For Easter a couple of years ago, I teamed with my Mom to create a festive Easter tablescape in her dining room. It turned out so cute! The tutorial post was so popular that I'm re-sharing the step-by-step instructions to create this Easter Basket centerpiece this year. The end result is adorable to look at...and it features an array of tasty Easter treats your guests can enjoy! I promise my Easter tablescape is so simple to make that literally ANYONE can do it. Feel free to customize the tablescape to include your favorite Easter décor and flavors. All you need is a large Easter basket and crinkly Easter grass, fun Easter candy and confections, and other seasonal décor you have on hand. The key is to have fun and let your imagination inspire you!

Step 1: Gather Your Easter Décor and Goodies. Having your supplies set up around the table before you start assembling -- same principle as mise en place when cooking -- lets you see exactly what items you have to work with. My Easter tablescape is comprised of treats that range in size from large to small...and tall to nearly flat. This variation provides a nice visual appeal to the final tablescape. You'll notice I started with a floral tablecloth on the table. Because I want everyone's eyes to focus on the festive centerpiece, I switched to a solid tablecloth. I chose pastel pink to match my Easter décor...but any pastel or light green tablecloth will also work.
Step 2: Place a Large Easter Basket In the Center of the Table, Then Determine Its Focal Point. The Easter basket is the main visual focus of your tablescape. Mom had a large white basket with pink ribbon trim and pretty pastel accents. The focal point of this Easter basket is a large solid chocolate bunny
Step 3: Fill In the Easter Basket with Sweet Treats of Various Heights. The chocolate bunny is the focal point of our basket...but he's just the start! Along the back of the Easter basket, I inserted a trio of adorable hand-decorated Easter bunny cookies. These large cookies came on sticks, which I anchored into floral foam placed under the basket's multicolor grass. Next, I strategically placed a variety of my family's favorite Easter candy and sweet treats.

Step 4: Place a Circle of Green Easter Grass Around the Bottom of the Basket. This grassy area is a perfect way to incorporate bite-sized treats into the tablescape. I added bite-size caramel and chocolate eggs, mini sandwich cookies, small, and treat size candies in Spring/Easter colors. These items looked like colorful Easter eggs hidden in the grass just waiting to be found! Mom has tons of great Easter décor, so I placed a white porcelain bunny at the edge of the grass to guard the candy from sneaky hands.
That's it...simple step-by-step instructions to create a festive and fun Easter tablescape! It provides a gorgeous focal point for your Easter table, and the treats in and around the Easter basket are perfect for family and friends to enjoy as part of dessert. Remember...the key is to have fun, and let your personal creativity shine! 

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