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What Goes Into Making Delicious Thai Food? #makeitathome #thaifood #cookit

In recent years, Thai food has become one of my favorite dining-out options. The unique blend of flavors and spices is always an exciting treat for my tastebuds. However, I've never made Thai food at home -- ensuring the end result is truly authentic has made it a bit intimidating for me. However, the tips provided below by The Weekend Gourmet correspondent have bolstered my confidence that anyone can successfully recreate classic Thai dishes in their kitchen! This article may contain affiliate links.

Many of us adore Thai food. It's one of the most popular takeout dishes in the Western world, and many people enjoy cooking Thai at home. If you want to make those meals as delicious as possible, there are a lot of things you need to be aware of. In this post, we’ll discuss what goes into making delicious Thai food at you can start making it as soon as possible yourself. Then you can show off your new cooking skills to your friends.

(1) It’s All About That Heat

Thai food is typically very spicy. If you've ever had it prepared in Thailand itself, you understand they really take spice seriously, and it’s customary to use plenty of chilies at the start of cooking. Basically? If you can’t handle a lot heat, don’t cook Thai food! Of course, if you enjoy other Thai flavors -- but you’re not a fan of very spicy food -- you can keep the heat more subtle. In general, you should aim for spice in Thai recipes if you can manage it -- and if your guests can manage it, of course!

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(2) Start With a Curry

If you're just learning how to make Thai food, it might be best to start with a curry. Curries are a staple of Thai cuisine. By learning how to make curry, you're going to pick up on many tips and tricks central to Thai cooking in general. Definitely ensure you're thinking about this if you're interested in quickly improving your Thai cooking skills. Why not start with learning how to make Thai massaman curry. This fragrant and luxurious dish is going to be a favorite, even if you don’t expand into other meals.

(3) Learn the Balance of Flavors

As with many cuisines, good Thai food has a lot to do with the balance of flavors. You need to consider the spice, herbs, vegetables, and depth of flavor -- then ensure you're balancing these flavors. Thai food often ends with an acidic punch to finish a dish off -- usually in the form of zested or juiced lime, or kaffir lime leaves. Once you understand intuitively the balance of quintessential Thai flavors, your meals are going to be more delicious and satisfying.

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(4) Keep It Fresh

Thai cooks would never dream of using anything but the freshest possible ingredients, so this is something you also need to be aware of. Wherever possible, ensure you're sourcing the freshest ingredients you can find. That alone is going to help ensure your Thai meals are delicious, and that they turn out exactly how you expect. This care is important in everything from onions to tomatoes...and beyond.

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