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Life's too short to eat bad food...
I’m Wendy...and The Weekend Gourmet is devoted to all things food, both in my kitchen and on the road! I started The Weekend Gourmet in 2010 as a fun creative outlet...and as an easy way for friends and family to access my favorite recipes. Then? Something unexpected and absolutely wonderful happened: this website steadily grew and evolved into something much bigger, thanks in part to a loyal group of readers. I took a 4-month hiatus in November 2017, when I had a brain stem stroke. I was unable to walk, speak clearly...or swallow -- a scary prospect for a cook and foodie! Over the next few months, I relearned to walk...and swallow again. Within 6 months, I was back to eating nearly all foods again. I'll never take eating for granted again! Over the past decade, I’ve made friends in the culinary and travel worlds...and The Weekend Gourmet has grown beyond my wildest imagination! We now feature not only recipes, but product spotlights, restaurant spotlights, and culinary travel features. I’ve been fortunate to partner with some wonderful companies, and I’ve even been on television here in San Antonio to cook in front of a live studio audience. None of that would have happened without this website and its wonderful readers. For that, I am eternally grateful...and I promise to keep the Big Flavor Adventures coming!
I’m a native Texan...I love to travel, but Texas will always be home! I grew up in the Houston area, went to college at University of North Texas in Denton (north of Dallas), and currently live in San Antonio. We're HUGE Houston sports fans...Astros, Texans, and Rockets. My foodie partner in crime is my husband, Michael. He’s The Weekend Gourmet's Dining Out and Travel Photographer, as well as my Chief Taste Tester. In case you're wondering about the two cats pictured in my header, they're Lucy and Maggie. We recently had to say goodbye to Lucy, who was the true boss of Casa Garcia and kept us both in line! We found Maggie as a stray kitten and made her part of the family, much to Lucy's dismay! My passions are cooking, good wine, discovering great restaurants, and culinary travel -- all of which I share with my readers via words and pictures. When I’m not in the kitchen or at the computer, my favorite things include: traveling, listening to music, watching movies, and reading. If I can combine any of these activities with my love of cooking and food? Then I’m a very happy woman!
We will always miss Lucy...The Weekend
Gourmet's official "copy cat"!!
I love hearing from my readers! Reach me via e-mail at wendywekendgourmet@gmail.com. You can also follow via Twitter @TheWeekendGourm, join my Facebook fan page, or follow me on Instagram (WEEKENDGOURMET). Share your thoughts regarding what you like about the The Weekend Gourmet; any foods, restaurants or cities you’d like to see me write about...or even just life in general. I truly want my readers to feel like they’re hanging out with me in the kitchen or on the road with us when they read my posts. I also want them to realize that I'm not a trained chef -- if I can cook something, they can too! Anyone who’s met me in person can attest that who I am on the blog is exactly who I am in real life. I love to laugh, and I write pretty much exactly like I talk...but my Texas accent isn’t nearly as strong as you might imagine, considering I’ve lived in Texas all my life. Bottom line: I really love to have a good time, and I’m very passionate about food and cooking!!


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